Sarah Anne Pountney
Sarah Anne Pountney - Teacher of Dance

Born and raised in Paris, Sarah-Anne started dancing at the age of six. Specializing in jazz, she extended her knowledge to other styles including contemporary, ballet, latin dance, afro-jazz, hip-hop and more. At 18, she was accepted to the Rick Odums School of Professional Dance where she trained in ballet, modern and jazz as well as taking open classes at Paris’ most popular dance studios such as “Le Marais” or “Studio Harmonic.”

Sarah-Anne took part in classes with choreographers like Bruno Collinet, Mia Frye, Emmanuel Accard, Jacques Aunidas and Jean-Claude Marignale. The latter of who selected Sarah-Anne as his first assistant because of the potential he saw. Sarah-Anne worked primarily in TV, she also featured in a number of music videos as well as touring with major international recording artists including Mariah Carey, Amerie, Ja Rule and Christina Milian.

In 2005, Sarah-Anne moved to the UK and, whilst continuing to work as a backing dancer, decided to turn a page and concentrate on her own vision of performance. Sarah-Anne created Decibella in 2006, a brand new all-girl dance company offering a selection of pre-choreographed themed shows as well as bespoke choreographed performances for a wide selection of live events.

As a mother of two, Sarah-Anne is passionate about teaching children and teenagers. She wants to share her knowledge of show business with her students and help to guide them along their artistic journey.