23 Apr

SRA student Cerys Hill played the lead role of "Sally" in the theatre adaptation of David Walliams novel 'The Midnight Gang,' in October 2018 at Chichester Festival Theatre. The performance ran for just under a month and Cerys enjoyed every minute of it, even the rehearsal process which you can watch here!

We are delighted to announce Cerys' professional theatre debut is due to go live on the Chichester Theatre's website (linked here) soon. 

What's The Story About?

Poor Tom has been hit on the head by a cricket ball and wakes up in the Lord Funt Hospital with a big bandage on his head. In the children’s ward, though, he finds children with worse complaints: Amber’s got full leg and arm casts in a wheelchair; Robin has had an eye operation and can’t see, and poor Sally is too weak to get out of bed.

Worse, there’s a horrible kid-hating Matron watching over them and making sure they don’t have any fun at all – not that there is much fun to be had in hospital (or so you would think).

It transpires that the children are part of the Midnight Gang: an ages-old hospital tradition that makes dreams come true for sick children. But what will Tom’s wish be, and can the kindly hospital porter make it come true?

David Walliams’ tongue-in-cheek fun continues to amuse in this new adventure that also tugs at the heartstrings in just the right way. The Midnight Gang’s various ailments and conditions don’t affect them careering joyously around the hospital in the middle of the night, although Walliams still treats the characters and their conditions with dignity and respect where appropriate.

This inventive tale of fun, friendship and the importance of kindness is adapted from David Walliams’s biggest-selling children’s book of 2016.

Tell Me More About How the Book Became the Play!

Click here to read about David Walliams and his vision for The Midnight Gang on Chichester's stage.

Where Can I Watch it?

Here is the link to The Chichester Festival Theatre's news page, they will be releasing the link and streaming it from their website.

When Can I Watch It?

30 April 2020

We can't think of a better show to settle down to watch during the quarantine. We'd recommend you grab yourself a hot cup of cocoa, a blanket, and to gather all the family around for your own personal lockdown theatre 'trip,' easily streamed from the comfort of your laptop or telly. 

Congratulations Cerys, we are all so proud of you.