Next Steps

"Is the performing arts industry really as tough as everyone says it is?"

Yes, but that doesn't mean it's impossible to break into.

SRA Agency Productions Ltd is a niche small personal management company with a difference. We have a longstanding reputation within the industry for representing natural and grounded young talent. Whether it's yourself as an older actor or a parent/ guardian of a child and you wish to be considered, it's a given that we will want to meet you for an interview to get to know you/ your child first. 

We strongly recommend that all of our younger clients are enrolled in our Television and Audition Technique classes at Susan Roberts Academy. This class equips clients with the essential skills necessary for auditioning and acting to camera. 

Children working in the entertainment industry... 

Click here to find Surrey County Council's comprehensive guide for chaperones and children working in entertainment.

"How do I join?"

It is a commitment to be on SRA Agency and not to be taken lightly!

If you think this could be the right next step, then please do get in touch.

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