25 Apr

At this strange and isolated time, we look to words of encouragement, advice, and warmth. SRA's patron and notable actor, Treva Etienne, offers encouraging words for SRA students to hold on to during this difficult time.

He says, "Please give all your SRA students and staff my best wishes. Tell them all to keep the faith and to stay creative with practising their artistic craft regularly at home, and they must remember to have as much fun and enjoyment as possible while they are challenged with isolation.

"Tell them all to keep the faith and stay creative..."

"This is a nightmare we are all experiencing and it looks like it will probably go on until... who knows when? So fun practice will make the time pass.

"Find new ways to study: find courses online and be inspired by 'the greats'! Do more research; watch old and new movies; devour documentaries and books, keep reading about your favourite artistes because they will educate and feed your hunger to be actively creative. All of this will support the classic ideology that the best medicine is: practice makes perfect!"

If you were twiddling your thumbs with what to do at home, you certainly won't be now. As Treva puts: educate and feed your [creative] hunger. Whether that be finger painting, listening to a new podcast, or putting your funny-cap on and making an awesome Tik Tok video, we urge you to make your own fun! Oh, and to get excited about SRA's new virtual Zoom lessons coming to you from Monday 27th April 2020. 

Relax, have fun, be safe and breathe...

Sending strength, 

Treva Etienne and the SRA Team.