30 Jun

Can you believe it? The time has flown by! 

In the space of one term we have opened SRA's Virtual Academy via Zoom; launched a new website with online classes, accounts and registers; and caught up with a many of our students in our Common Room calls hosted by Susan Roberts every Sunday. Plus, we were closed for just one week as our tech man worked tirelessly to make sure SRA's professional training could be delivered both virtually and safely. SRA is taking that as a win!

Now, with under three weeks left of the - extended - term, the team (and probably the students also) is ready for a well-deserved summer break. 

Our last day of term is 18th July 2020.

Keep your eyes peeled for information on our News Item page for updates on SRA's Summer School and potential Intermediate-Advanced dance courses we may be offering. 

But for now, enjoy the last few weeks of the Spring term!